This research project inquires about what we understand by production in different areas of art. To this end, Consonni carries out interviews with the artists working in Hangar, the team running the centre and other artists and agents from the Barcelona's art scene.
Residency and research workshop which encompasses an experimental process about “live coding”. It explores alternative strategies to create sound and music.
This research project puts together creative practices with Information and Library Sciences. The research explores the value and potential of the Dj creative model to interact with information, collections and digital files.
Interdisciplinary project that builds physical machines inspired in voice physiological systems. The set of disturbing devices that comprise laugh, cry, moan, express anger and sigh.
The protocol document for interdisciplinary research aims to provide useful references and guidelines for institutions, funding bodies, individual researchers and interdisciplinary research groups. The document takes into account a wide number of experiences and visions on interdisciplinary work. It is an open document under ongoing reviewing and discussion.
This piece decontextualise acid house from an aesthetic and formal perspective. This work is a continuation of an exploration based on the decontextualisation of rave iconic sounds.
International meeting where professionals from different disciplines share their experiences in the telepresence field and work collaborative in the design and development of telepresence technologies.
37 minute audiovisual piece during which an algorithm generates, in successive attempts, mosaics on previously chosen surfaces. Sound and image dialogue each other creating different shapes in which each colour matches a sound height.
Project where cellulars automata generate very simple sounds which they receive and send in a basic way to reach chaotic and balanced states according to collective behaviours.