Irene Lapuente

Foto Irene Lapuente

She is the founder and director of La Mandarina de Newton S. L. Before she created her own company, she had already almost ten years experience in communicating science, education, museums, and in the development of communication strategies and project management. She held positions as a Director of Communication in the Catalan Institute of Paleontology (ICP) and in the LSI Department at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia  (UPC). Previously she was member of the CosmoCaixa Educational department in Barcelona and also worked as a teacher in secondary education.

Along her professional career she has designed co-creative projects on culture, art, science and education. She also has organised workshops to promote the meta design in the cultural sector. Her main interest lies on the intersections of the ways of learning.

She graduated in Physics from Barcelona University (UB). She also has a MA in Science Communication from UPF,  a MA in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication (UPF) and a degree in Teaching Skills (UPC). She has been involved in dance since a very early age, being graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

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