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INTACT (Interfaz para la acción telecompartida – Interface for teleshared action) is a cyber culture project on the intersection of art and new technologies. It is a proposal directed by Sara Malinarich and Manuel Terán. INTACT develops teleshared actions and collaborative networks amongst spaces and artists from all disciplines. The main objectives of the INTACT network are: collaborative creation of networking systems, production of collective thinking and development of open technology. The goal of a teleshared action is to produce a collaborative work amongst two or more users with telematic tools. Diverse analogue or digital artistic expressions are taken from these systems and put back into them in real time. The result of a teleshared action is a work that has been collaborative created by interconnected users, being everyone a client and a server at the same time (node).


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Projects by Researcher @ Hangar

Telepresence art project that connects four art centres in three different countries. By the use of a set of sensors the movement happening in one of the art centres would activate one or more electronic devices in another centre.
Lab oriented to generate an experimental space for the use and development of new telepresence technologies. It works by opening different stations/spaces to intervene and communicate remotely through testing tools which allow an interactive communication.