Just In Case

just in case
Research field

Telepresence art project connecting four art centres in four different countries.

From November 4th to December 16th 2011, the Intact project's members carried out a residency on telepresence in the interaction and software labs of Hangar.

During the residency they worked on the project Just in Case, a multipoint action involving four different communication nodes: EMF - Espace Mendes France (Lieu multiple) (Poitiers), Laboral-Centro de arte y creación industrial (Gijón), SAT - La Société des arts technologiques (Montreal) and Hangar.

In order to complete this artwork, Intact worked together with the interaction lab technicians in the implementation of a hardware sensor system. This hardware allows the user to connect to Internet and visualise in real time remote sensors through electrical control devices. As a consequence, a sensor in any part of the world may activate an electronic device everywhere else. To make this system works it is required two terminals connected one each other via Internet . Each terminal has accesses, exits and Ethernet communication. The system eases a transparent communication becoming a flexible tool and a for research and experimental projects on the telepresence and telematic fields.