Foto robótica

The field where Hangar has developed more applied research projects so far has been in robotics with the development of tailored technological tools for artistic projects. Being Hangar committed to free and accessible hardware and software, this research line explores the possibilities of open tools such as Arduino, Pure Data or Processing for the development of electronics, programming and hardware prototypes according with the needs of the projects of the users of Hangar's interaction lab. Some of the applications developed within this research line framework are related with real time data processing, sensors, automatisation and remote control.

Projects by Research Field

Interdisciplinary project that builds physical machines inspired in voice physiological systems. The set of disturbing devices that comprise laugh, cry, moan, express anger and sigh.
Interactive installation composed by different robots which incorporate surveillance cameras on a mobile platform. The robots are equipped with global positioning systems based on position sensing by an artificial vision software, they interact jointly and synchronously with the visitors.