Surveillance Cameras: They are Alive!!

Foto Surveillance Cameras: They are Alive!!
Research field

Interactive installation composed by different robots which incorporate surveillance cameras. They also interact jointly and synchronously with the visitors.  

Surveillance Cameras: They Are Alive!! is a interactive robotic installation produced completely in Hangar for Ricardo Iglesias. This tremendously sophisticated piece has gone through many phases which have made possible to experiment with countless technologies and to test different solutions. The production of the piece by hangar's interactive lab is based on the creation of a group of robots which incorporate surveillance cameras on a mobile platform. The movement and direction are controlled by an Arduino board with sensors and navigation systems. The robots are equipped with global positioning systems based on position sensing by an artificial vision software. They are remotely controlled  by a computer which monitors the installation space, sending messages to the robots to interact jointly and perfectly synchronised with the visitors. The platforms broadcast video signals by radio, in a way that visitors can see the images taken by the robots on the installation´ screens and projectors.