Maíra Sala

Foto Maíra Santos

Maíra is from Rio de Janeiro where she graduated in cinema at the Fluminense Federal Universidad. She worked for a few years in the movie business in Rio, collaborating in feature and short films as production manager, costume designer and art director.

In December 2007 she radically changed her career by graduating with honors in the MA Digital Arts at the Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona, Spain. During the MA she had the opportunity to know and engage with the art and technology universe and the possibilities of art-oriented programming.

Since then she has developed her skills as a programmer working in Barcelona as a freelance in several projects in the art and technology field and web programming.

The first version of her work Engranaje – developed for Bruno Vianna’s live feature film Resaca (Hang Over) – has been presented in several festivals such as ISEA, PDCON, Art Futura, LIVE CINEMA, Electrofringe and others.

She also loves photography and music and considers herself an ongoing trainee in arts and programming.

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