Chronica Mobilis

Foto Chronica Mobilis
Research field

Performance experimenting with locative media focusing on new georeferenced genres which use new mobile technologies.

Chronica Mobilis interactive performance is a georeferenced narrative experience with a dynamic game which takes place simultaneously in an exhibition space and in the city streets. The audience may assume different roles during the performance: it may play online, on the streets or see the audiovisual installation in an exhibition space.

The performance uses urban space as a diegetic space, the physical exploration as an interactive model and the mobile and geospatial technologies as tools. It is about how we perceive time and how we live in urban spaces in different periods of our lives. The story talks about an individual and the different stages of his life: from childhood to adulthood. Each phase relates to memories taking place in urban places.

The narrative is georeferenced with data linked to specific spots in urban areas. The story has real locations within the streets of the city. Multiple data and stories may be georeferenced to a single location.

Online players send instant text messages with instructions to street players. They look for specific places which are emotively important for the character. Street players broadcast live audio and video to report their own findings. When a street player finds a location, the visitors in the exhibition space are rewarded with the characters' memories that are linked with this specific location.