Quimera Rosa


Quimera Rosa is a laboratory for experimentation and research on identities, body and technology, created in Barcelona in 2008 and nomad since 2014. QR is inspired by the notion of cyborg developed by Donna Haraway, who defines them as "chimeras, hybrids theorised and manufactured of machine and organism". From a transfeminist and postidentitarian perspective, QR uses body as a platform for public intervention, in order to generate ruptures in the borderline between the public and the private. They conceive sexuality as an artistic and technological creation and seek to experience hybrid identities that blur the boundaries between natural / artificial, normal / abnormal, male / female, hetero / homo, human / animal, animal / plant, art / politics, art / science, reality / fiction. They are particularly interested in hybridisations among art, science and technology, as well as in their functions in the production of subjectivity. Their work is currently focused on the development of transdisciplinary performances and projects, the elaboration of devices that work with corporal activity, and bio-hacking experiments. Most of their work is done in a collaborative way and, always, under open source licenses.


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Projects by Researcher @ Hangar

TransPlant: Green is the New Red is a transdisciplinary project of plant / human / animal / machine hybridisation started by Quimera Rosa in 2016. It is both a bio-art project based on a human hybridisation / plant as well as a human trans-identity process > plant. The development of this project is based on the interaction between different axes that, through different bio-hacking practices, try to produce changes of subjectivity and deconstruct narratives that present the body as a single unit.