Tiling Sessions

Foto Tiling Sessions
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Sonorous and audiovisual experimental piece where an algorithm generates mosaics in which colours match the sound height.

Tilling Sessions is a 37 minute audiovisual piece during which an algorithm generates, in successive attempts, mosaics on previously chosen surfaces. Each tesela has a given sound, in the way that the tesela’s colour matches the sound's height. The relation between the tesela's colour and sound has been established arbitrarily by the artist. However, once it is set, the relation between the evolution of the colours and the sound heights has been determined: it is the same evolution in a way, from a light and sound perspective.

The listener-spectator may try to understand the evolution of the mosaics strictly as a geometrical order - in this case the spectator is not only watching a visual geometry, but also a sonorous one, like a musical piece, like an abstract visual creation, relegating a secondary role to the sounds - or just as an audiovisual piece - paying attention to the form of the piece itself. Theo Burt prefers to leave the piece open allowing the listener-spectator to move among different ways to understand the mosaics evolution. It may happen that the suspect about a geometrical order contributes -or disrupts- to understand the geometrical order followed by the mosaics.