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Kersnikova Institute is a non-for-profit organization that produces and incubates contemporary investigative art projects that focus on impacts of science and technology on contemporary society. It combines 4 open platforms: Kapelica Gallery -  a gallery for contemporary investigative art ; Bio Tehna - the first Slovenian wetlab & Platform of Artistic Research and Life Systems; Rampa Lab - laboratory for mechatronics; and Vivarium - a lab dedicated to animals, plants and robots. Kersnikova institute encourages, facilitates and showcases investigative artistic practices and projects, creates public debate, engages citizens into science, stimulate a critical understanding of the time we live in and educates children and young people by using its own unique approach (investigative learning). By being engaged in artistic production in cooperation with scientific institutions and industry, Kernikiva Institute facilitates national and international networks pervades with creativity.

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