Hangar participes in Trasformatorio 2018, Giampilieri, Sicily

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From April 26 to May 2 2018, Hangar participes in the residency Trasformatorio (Giampilieri, Sicily) which is taking place this year in the framework of the European project Iterations.

Trasformatorio 2018 is an international (hack)lab for experimental and site-specific arts. In 2018 Trasformatorio holds the first iteration of the project Iterations which is committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and practitioners are brought together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible modes of artistic collaboration.

The project is structured around the conceptual model of ‘iteration’. Inspired by recursive forms of collaboration as they exists in open source software development, the project Iterations applies repetition and circularity to artistic methodologies, in which the output from one activity is used as the input to the next.