Helen Pritchard


Helen is head of BSc Digital Arts Computing and lecturer in Computational and Digital Arts. As an artist and geographer Helen’s interdisciplinary work brings together the fields of Computational Aesthetics, Geography, Design and Feminist TechnoScience. Writing and making modes, both part of her practice, mutually inform each other in order to consider the impact of computational practices on our engagement with environments. Central to Helen’s work is the consideration of co-research, participation and environmental practices often emerging as workshops, collaborative events and computational art. As member of the European Research Council funded project Citizen Sense, she has worked on developing innovative creative methods, using physical computing and sensing technologies to reflect and develop new theories of citizen sensing. As an artist, Helen has shown work internationally and, in collaboration with Winnie Soon, won the Silver Prize for the IFVA Interactive Art Asia with “Jsut Code” (2012). As a researcher, she is a member of the international research groups Critical Software Thing, Kurator and CISP as well as co-editor of Data Browser 06: Executing Practices, (Autonomedia. NY, 2017).

Research field

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Envirocomputing and its production of new ecological arrangements stretches far out beyond the lab –exploiting intensively the lively labours and frictions of nonhuman animals and organisms through ever-accelerating affective, semiotic and material practices. Our co-compositions/becoming-with both the internet and other digital informational networks and/or devices are ever more entangled strongly in our situated non-local “we”s.