Experimental cultures and material thought: A methodological approach to research in art and design

Projecte Carla Boserman
Research field

This research proposes an account that moves from the scientific laboratory to the "new" laboratories, from the scientific experiments to the collective experimentation, and from the forms of documentation proper to scientific experimental culture to the forms of registration of experimentation in art and design. It aims to think about how to attend practices between art and design that happen in "laboratories" that exist outside scientific disciplines and academic regulations. Spaces of research and material experimentation, where prototypes are developed, processes are documented and objects are created, resulting into a series of practices that not always have an ortodox approach to research, which does not necessarily mean that they don't content knowledge. In particular, a methodological approach is proposed to these spaces exploring the potentiality and limits of the graphic story as a recording device in experimental processes.

Keywords: Material research, methodologies, epistemic objects, experimental cultures, art, design.