The Conversation

somos personas no números
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The Conversation Lauren Wetmore’s curatorial proposal for Encura, invites five artists-in-residence at Hangar to replicate and disturbing the dynamics that control public and private surveillance forms.

Taking its name from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 psychological thriller about a paranoid surveillance expert, The Conversation invites five artists-in-residence at Hangar to replicate and disturb the controlling dynamics of personal and public forms of surveillance. The Conversation features installations and performances throughout Hangar by Andrea Gómez (Colombia), Ariadna Guiteras (Spain), Ciprian Homorodean (Romania), Antonio R. Montesinos (Spain) and Mario Santamaría (Spain).

In The Conversation, Andrea Gómez presents a new audio-visual event responding directly to David Shire’s score for The Conversation, using collaged video and a live improvised soundtrack. Ariadna Guiteras continues her exploration of the gestural manifestations of control with a performance that recreates and abstracts movements accumulated from online beauty tutorials. Ciprian Homorodean intervenes into the architecture of Hangar, creating a series of window treatments responding to the ubiquitous bricked-up windows of abandoned building in Spain’s climate of economic crisis. Antonio R. Montesinos’ large-scale installation elegantly makes physical the position and blind spots of security cameras. Mario Santamaría presents "03:23" a 24-hour film that uses public-access webcams from time zones across the globe.