Map A: Tracerouting Top 100 Domains

As part of the research developed during his residency (Nov & Dec 2016) at Hangar, Vladan Joeler (Sharle Lab) in collaboration with Critical Interface Politics Research Group (Joana Moll y Matteo Zappa)  has designed a series of maps that show some of the complex structures of the Internet.

Main topics covered in this research project: #Internet Physicality; #Geopolitics of the Internet; #Algorithmic Governance; #Interface Politics; #Internet Backbone; #Data flows & Sustainability; #Cognitive Capitalism; #Social Engineering; #Surveillance; #Online Tracking; #Data
Commodi fication; #Data Privacy.

Map A: Tracerouting Top 100 Domains
Far from being a purely immaterial entity, the Internet is an extremely complex structure composed by a massive number of actors that have a direct and deep impact in every aspect of our daily lives. In order to create a wider picture of the data flow and map key locations and actors we conducted analysis of the data paths to the top 100 websites visited by the users located in Spain. Every dot on this map represents one IP address (router or other network device) and the lines between the dots are the links – cables that connect them.

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