Map C: Mapping Mobile Phone Permissions

As part of the research developed during his residency (Nov & Dec 2016) at Hangar, Vladan Joeler (Sharle Lab) in collaboration with Critical Interface Politics Research Group (Joana Moll y Matteo Zappa)  has designed a series of maps that show some of the complex structures of the Internet.

Main topics covered in this research project: #Internet Physicality; #Geopolitics of the Internet; #Algorithmic Governance; #Interface Politics; #Internet Backbone; #Data flows & Sustainability; #Cognitive Capitalism; #Social Engineering; #Surveillance; #Online Tracking; #Data
Commodi fication; #Data Privacy.

Map C: Mapping Mobile Phone Permissions
The output of this research is a logical map of permissions that applications for smartphones require the users to grant in the process of installation. The purpose thereof is to show, in a clear way, what users agree. Users often neglect the importance of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and other legal documents they are bound to by installing applications on their devices. On the other hand, the companies that sell/offer those applications for free often make these documents in a way that the user grants many more permissions than the required minimum for the application to operate. Personal data of many formats (mostly content and metadata) has become a new type of currency. It is estimated that the accumulated financial value of personal data stored online could reach €1tn annually by 2020.

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