Map B: Mapping ISP:

As part of the research developed during his residency (Nov & Dec 2016) at Hangar, Vladan Joeler (Sharle Lab) in collaboration with Critical Interface Politics Research Group (Joana Moll y Matteo Zappa)  has designed a series of maps that show some of the complex structures of the Internet.

Main topics covered in this research project: #Internet Physicality; #Geopolitics of the Internet; #Algorithmic Governance; #Interface Politics; #Internet Backbone; #Data flows & Sustainability; #Cognitive Capitalism; #Social Engineering; #Surveillance; #Online Tracking; #Data
Commodi fication; #Data Privacy.

Map B: Mapping ISP:
First step of understanding network infrastructure is to understand the structure of our nearest network, network runned and owned by our Internet service provider. During our research we had a luck to explore and map one of the World’s biggest bottom- up, citizen-driven, free, open and neutral telecommunications network- guifi-net. This unique network, based mostly in Catalonia consist of more than 32.500 operating nodes. This map is the network graph of guifi-net, where each dot represent one router, server of a computer and each line represent a link, a wireless or a cable that connect them.

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